Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adam Beyer's SW4 Festival Guide

This Sunday Drumcode boss Adam Beyer is hosting an arena at London's South West Four festival.

The annual Clapham Common event is one of the capital's most important electronic music gatherings, and features some of the world's top DJ talent.

For his arena, Adam Beyer handpicked his favourite techno artists and live acts.

Here in this exclusive mini SW4 festival guide, Adam presents his Drumcode Arena performers (it's like one of those keychain guides they sell at festivals, except this one won't cost you £5!).

SLAM (live)

Slam have done four big 12-inches for my label in the last year, and they have all been really big in the clubs. As such, Slam are now one of the main acts on Drumcode. They're really on fire at the moment. They've pushed cutting edge techno for nearly 20 years, and I can't wait to see what they have in store with their new live show at SW4.


I discovered Alan early on in his career, and his sound has developed quite a bit since. He's one of Drumcode's top artists. He is pretty diverse when he DJs, and in the studio he always tries to change his sound and adopt new angles on his production.

He started out at the harder edged, ravey end of techno, and now he has started to explore tech house and grooves. He has also produced the odd melodic and home listening track, which I like.

Alan Fitzpatrick is a sonic explorer and he has a lot to offer. I like when artists go through different phases and discover different sides to themselves, and that is Alan all over.


Cirez D did a remix of Smith & Selway 'Total Departure' for Drumcode. He is a great performer and always rocks the crowd.


Paul has only done a couple of singles for us, but he's a regular artist at Drumcode parties. He is one of the best live acts on the scene. I've seen him play many times, and he always plays a great set.

I always try to have Paul perform at our parties as people appreciate good live acts, especially at festivals.

Musically, Paul is the perfect bridge between the warm up tech house sounds that we do, and the more banging techno that we move towards. He always has strong grooves and great basslines. And he never plays the same live set twice.

He's always up for party too, which is great. The Drumcode events are a celebration for us too, and usually we all stay behind after our sets to enjoy the party. Paul is usually the last man standing!


Ben will release his debut album on Drumcode in October and we're really excited about it. There is so much integrity behind Ben Sims' music, so it a real honour to be able to release his album - it's influenced by his 25 years behind the decks.

I've always had the hugest amount of respect for Ben. I've known him since the 1990s, and in my opinion, he is one of the U.K.'s best DJs. He's very true to his sound, and he has a very strong identity in what he plays. We thought we would have him close out the festival as it's nice to have a local do it.


Ida has played at quite a few Drumcode parties over the years. She's the perfect DJ to warm up the Drumcode arena as she's great at creating tension, and her sound builds up nicely to the tougher stuff that Drumcode does.

I think it's nice to have female DJs like Ida in what is otherwise a male dominated scene. She has a good spirit, and I'm sure she'll set the perfect pace for the party. Look out for a release from Ida in about two weeks on Drumcode.


I'm very happy to host a tent at London's SW4, as I've heard good things about the festival. We are well prepared, and I can't wait to rock the arena. I'm sure it'll be a memorable day. See you down the front!


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