Friday, August 26, 2011

Slam's SW4 DJ Chart

Scotland's most loved techno duo Slam will play a special live set this Sunday in the Drumcode Arena at London's SW4 festival.

Slam are Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, and together the pair have contributed much to the UK's techno scene. Their label Soma Recordings is one of electronic music's longest-running and most respected imprints. The pair founded it in 1991, and over the years the Glasgow stamp has released some groundbreaking music, including in 1997, the early recordings of the then unknown French group Daft Punk.

As producers, Slam have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge techno and house. Their 1993 two-tracker 'Positive Education / Intensities In-Ten-Cities' pushed the boundaries of driving electronic club music, and cuts like 2004's 'This World' and 2005's 'Lie To Me' proved the pair had a flair for creating modern club anthems.

When Slam put their foot on the gas, they are unstoppable. Their recent techno bombs are relentless and energizing - their most recent Drumcode 12-inch 'Area 51 / Distant Voice' is a prime example of the pair's ability to fuse heavy hypnotic beats with futuristic sound mosaics and intense moments of drama.

Ahead of Slam's live set in the Drumcode Arena, the duo sent us this SW4 Top 10 DJ chart which gives us some indication of the kind of dirty electrifying rhythms they plan to destroy London with on Sunday.

1. Slam 'Chasing Shadows' [Paragraph]

This is a new release from us on our new Paragraph imprint. We'd describe it as "intense stabby deep techno"!

2. Slam 'Area 51' [Drumcode]

Our new Drumcode release is ripping it up everywhere with its dirty synth hits.

3. Funk D'Void 'Bad Coffee' (Jospeh Capriati Mix) [Soma]

More Soma 20 moments and Joseph Capriati hits the spot with a dark and long Bergain style techno workout.

4. Ben Sims 'untitled' (Gary Beck Mix)

Our man Gary delivers some tough love on Ben Sims, and yet again delivers another Beck bomb!

5. Gregor Tresher 'Echelon' (Patrick Siech Remix) [Break New Soil]

Patrick Siech on the remix duties with a driving, intense twisted techno track.

6. Marcel Fengler 'Thwack' (Norman Nodge Remix) [Mote Evolver]

Luke Slater's excellent Mote Evolver never disappoints. Add to that a remix from the excellent Norman Nodge and we have a great partnership here.

7. Mark Broom 'Verve' [Dustin Zahn Mix] [Beard Man]

Deep and intense techno from music maestro Dustin Zahn.

8. Ross Evana 'Thrilla In Manila [Cocoon]

Wicked Detroit influenced sequences meets a cool tech house flavor. This destroyed the place at our anniversary party at Space in Ibiza last week.

9. Paperclip People 'Throw' (Slam Mix) [Planet E]

Our rework of the classic Carl Craig track with that distinctive baseline very much still in tact.

10. Slam 'Stepback' (Adam Beyer & Jasper Dahlb├Ąck Remix) [Soma]

Our label Soma keeps things rocking this year with Adam and Jasper's rework of our sinister classic 'Stepback'.


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