Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drumcode Release: Alan Fitzpatrick's 'Shadows In The Dark Remixes'

When Alan Fitzpatrick's first record came out on Adam Beyer's Drumcode in August 2009, the Southampton-based producer said in an interview that it was something of an honour to be featured on the label.

It must feel good now then, to have his 'Shadows In The Dark' material remixed by the Swedish DJ and other notable techno producers for Drumcode - the inspired has become the inspiration.

The 'Shadows In The Dark' album and remixes are the result of a lot of hard studio work and smart diplomacy by Fitzpatrick. After Beyer discovered his remix of Fergie's 'To The Core' in April 2009, Fitzpatrick began courting the Drumcode boss, which landed him with a debut EP 'Static / Rubix' on the prominent techno label.

Full of raw techno energy and elegant machine-driven rhythms, the EP proved that Drumcode might just be the perfect home for the rising star of British techno.

More EPs followed. First came 'Face of Rejection', which experimented with melody, and quite unusually for Drumcode, slow and sleazy grooves. Then Fitzpatrick joined the list of remixers for Beyer's decade old 'Remainings III' track, which put his name alongside esteemed Drumcode heavyweights such as Dustin Zahn, Paul Ritch, and Joseph Capriati.

It was arguably only in May 2010, that he stepped out of their shadows and into his own Drumcode limelight with the magnificent 'Shadows In The Dark' prelude, 'Paranoize'.

The EP's matrix of deep hypnotism, modest melody, and dark radioactive tones proved to be the ideal launch pad for his debut album seven days later.

The full-length had a big impact. Compellingly linear, the intoxicating soundtrack of cutting-edge techno sounded like a 12-track compendium of classic Drumcode drama.

It is no surprise that the remixes play like 'Shadows In The Dark 2.0'. Mark Broom's tougher, roughly compressed version of 'A Small Decline', strips away some of the original's atmosphere, providing a more club friendly format thanks to its synth-heavy breakdown.

Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck's remix of 'Paranoize', adds rolling bass and clean grooves to Fitzpatrick's machine haze and vocal loops, which creates an undeniable peak-time feel.

That leaves the young Scot Gary Beck to uphold the potent hypnotism of the album with his layered loop-centric mix of 'Gridlock', that morphs and evolves with a quiet intensity.

The smoothness of all three respectful reworks proves that Fitzpatrick is now a bona-fide Drumcode star player, such has his sound gelled to the label. Certainly, the Drumcode family has a new son.

Alan Fitzpatrick 'Shadows In The Dark Remixes' are out now on Beatport.
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