Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drumcode Radio: Inside the musical mind of Jesper Dahlback

Maybe it is his early work on Planet Rhythm as Lenk, his eternally funky cuts on Svek as The Persuader, his long-running and respected imprint Blank LTD, his Hugg & Pepp partnership with his cousin John, or his weird and wonderful new International Sound Laboratory label.

Nope. No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to define the sound of Jesper Dahlback by focusing on one of his million or so projects or aliases. A prolific producer since 1994, this Swedish electronic music chameleon has changed colour almost as many times as the techno scene has changed tempo.

Over the years, Jesper Dahlback has been behind a huge number of experimental club records covering all shades of house, techno, and acid. Their one defining quality? An unconventional sound.

Such mastery of the unorthodox and innovative, can be heard on Jesper Dahlback's guest mix for this week's Drumcode Radio takeover.

Over his hour long mix, we're treated to sleazy electro-pop remixes, dubby techno textures, squelchy acid rhythms, adrenaline-fueled synths, and unreleased techno gems. With nine out of the 11 cuts coming direct from Jesper Dahlback himself (the other two tracks are from his label ISL), it offers fantastic insight into the mind of one of Sweden's most exciting and unusual electronic music minds.

Below we guide you through Jesper Dahlback's magical Drumcode Radio mix, track by track.

Drumcode Radio Tracklist: Jesper Dahlback

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1. Villa Nah - Running On (Kebacid Remix) [Keys Of Life]

Jesper Dahlback joins forces with Finland's Jori Hulkkonen as Kebacid, for a Tiga-esque remix of electro-pop ballad 'Running On' by the band Villa Nah. An uplifting techno and electro romance.

2. Brommage Dub - B2 [Svek 013]

Jesper Dahlback and Jean-Louis Huhta's occasional collaborations as Brommage Dub began in 1997 with this untitled EP on Svek.

As Jesper explains during his Drumcode mix, when they recorded the EP Simon Hartley (previously from LFO) was also in the studio with them, and he contributed to the track by jamming out on a Korg NS20 and Roland System 100M synth.

3. Phonogenic - Artifact A [ISL Recordings]

Phonogenic is a Finnish producer on the rise. 'Artifact A' is a warped, bleepy techno groove, full of analog grit and loop techno influences. Due for release in April, it is his debut release on ISL Recordings.

4. Jesper Dahlback - Our Love [Drumcode]

Taken from Jesper Dahlback's forthcoming four track Drumcode EP 'Interpersonal Relationship' (due out April 18th), 'Our Love' is a hypnotic, punchy techno cut, full of head spinning vocals and swirling FX.

5. Par Grindvik - Sinister (Jesper Dahlback Remix) [Stockholm LTD]

A remix from the Stockholm man of mystery sees clever frequency shifts and speaker busting beats collide with driving hi hats and warehouse friendly bleeps. The track deconstructs halfway through, with a reduced kick drum break.

6. Dungeon Acid - House Of Correction [ISL Recordings]

Briefly in the mix, Jesper uses a loop from the intro of Dungeon Acid's recent 'House of Correction' track on ISL. Dungeon Acid is otherwise known as Jean-Louis Huhta.

7. Jesper Dahlback & Thomas P Heckmann - Bloody Snow Pt 2 [AFU]

Thomas P Heckmann and Jesper Dahlback join forces for a typically amazing Acid Fuckers Unite (AFU) groove. Acidic analog goodness all the way to its core.

8. Jesper Dahlback - Violent Backlash [Drumcode]

Another track from Jesper Dahlback's forthcoming Drumcode EP 'Interpersonal Relationship'. Dark throbbing techno, that's a wee bit sinister.

9. Jesper Dahlback - Untitled [H-Productions]

An as yet untitled, forthcoming cut from Dahlback on Cari Lekebusch's label H-Productions. Raw synth heavy techno for the heads. If you've got a suggestion for the title to this track, you can email Jesper himself at

10. Jesper Dahlback - You Got Me [Drumcode]

A whopper of mainroom techno track, 'You Got Me' digs its claws in with a vocal hook and an unstoppable techno rhythm.

11. Slam - Stepback (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback remix) [Soma]

Jesper Dahlback and Adam Beyer's remix of Slam's 1995 techno classic 'Stepback', was done to help commemorate the 20th anniversary of Soma Records. Bound to be big.

Listen / download the Drumcode Radio podcast from or


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