Thursday, March 17, 2011

This week on Drumcode Radio: Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati back to back

The Drumcode Radio podcast this week features a live recording of Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati's epic back to back DJ session at Naples' Golden Gate club on February 12th.

For seven hours the Swedish techno general played alongside his Naples counterpart (as seen above) for a special Drumcode event that saw over 3000 Italian techno fans in attendance.

"The Golden Gate is one of Naples' most important clubs," explained Capriati, after the show. "It has been around since the early '90s and the club was in the past a house music institution called Ennenci.

"All the best DJs in the world used to play there, and then it closed for four years and reopened in October 2007 as mainly a techno club," he said. "I tend to think of it as an old and established venue as it began in the early days of house."

As one of the city's most popular techno players, Joseph Capriati regularly DJs at Golden Gate and even played there on Christmas Day 2009.

The recording of Beyer and Capriati's set broadcast on Drumcode Radio this week was taken from two separate half-hour periods during the night - one at around 2AM, just as the crowd began to find their groove, and another at 5AM, when the club was firmly lost in sound and sweat.

(Words: Terry Church)

The podcast version of the show is now available to download from

Video: Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati DJing at Golden Gate


Elbodrop 'Beans On' (Roberto Capuano Remix)
Joseph Capriati 'The Gallery'
Gary Beck 'Samsima'
Ben Sims Feat. Blake Baxter 'Work Your Body'
Junction Hands 'Resolution Is Back'
Tiger Stripes 'Ah-64'
Adam Beyer 'Simple Maze'
Roberto Capuano 'Qubiq'
Damolh33 'Last Night' (Static Sense Remix)
Sasha Carassi 'Wheel Performer'
Ben Sims 'Bullet'
Adam Beyer 'A Walikng Contraddiction' (Joseph Capriati Remix)


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