Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drumcode Radio: Adam Beyer's EPIC set, track by track

This week's Drumcode Radio podcast features a live recording of Adam Beyer's recent DJ set at London's famous O2 Academy Brixton.

On April 2nd, the Drumcode boss played in front of over 4000 clubbers at the cavernous South London venue after the world premiere of Eric Prydz' new DJ show EPIC. It was his first time playing at the legendary concert hall which has hosted the likes of Madonna, Bob Dylan, The Prodigy, and Iron Maiden over the years.

Beyer stepped up to the decks immediately following Prydz' set, and as can be heard from the first half of this week's Drumcode Radio podcast, he opted for a more melodic and clubbier sound than his usual DJ style, which gave his fans a chance to hear a different side to the Drumcode boss.

As the night progressed (part two of the live recording), Adam Beyer worked his way towards darker and more experimental beats-driven techno - the area that he usually explores.

Here we guide you through his set, track by track.

Drumcode Radio: Adam Beyer live @ O2 Academy Brixton, London

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1. Joseph Capriati 'Noise To Noise' (Fergie Remix) [Analytic Trail]

Fergie's mix of Joseph Capriati's 'Noise To Noise' jumps between big melodic leads and driving techno grooves nicely, as huge snares roll the cut forwards at a brisk pace. A perfect transition track between the two Swedish DJs.

2. Psycatron 'People In Glass Houses' (Psycatron's Lateral Thinker Mix) [Tresor]

The British duo's Lateral Thinker Mix of their own 'People In Glass Houses' cut features a Berghain-styled dub techno synth loop, which echoes its way across a spatially vast soundscape of outer-space pads and interplanetary sounds. A kind of techno space odyssey.

3. Sian 'Equus' (Dustin Zahn Made For Italy Remix)

Dustin Zahn's forthcoming remix of Sian's 'Equus' packs a punch thanks to its towering synth stabs and nuclear siren bleeps. Snippets of a female voice drown beneath waves of FX and shimmering techno rhythms.

4. Hypertic 'Arc Light' (Roland M. Dill & Mozambeat remix) [Simplex Records]

Roland M. Dill and Mozambeat's remix of Hypertic's 'Arc Light' gets pitched up from its original moody minimal lumber, to become a hypnotic, percussion-filled loopy techno throbber. Borderline out of control.

5. Timo Maas 'Kick 1, Kick 3' (Maetrik Sexy Remix) [Rockets & Ponies]

From one kind of hypnotism to another, Maetrik's Sexy Remix of Timo Maas 'Kick 1, Kick 3' is a pretty strange monster. Unclear French vocals, weird synth squeals, and a tick-tocking breakdown all combine into one rather nice mind rape.

6. Samuel L. Session 'Organ Track' (Uner Remix) [Material]

With its gentle organ lead and anticipation-brewing breakdown, Uner's remix of Samuel L. Session's 'Organ Track' covers you in a warm blanket of lasers and melodic techno sounds.

7. Alexx Wolfe & Woman In Panic 'Chin Stroker' (Gary Beck Remix) [Sui Generiz]

With another injection in pitch from Beyer, Gary Beck's remix of 'Chin Stroker' becomes a surprisingly dangerous techno boomer, especially when the rolling snares come in just before the drop.

8. Spektre & Subfractal 'Turista' (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Sleaze Records]

One of the highlights of Jerome Sydenham's recent Drumcode Radio guest mix, 'Turista' is a simple yet effective techno tool. Featuring a repetitive synth stab loop, this shock wave of a track continually increases in potency thanks to smartly interchanging beats and unexpected reverb explosions.

9. Rino Cerrone & Markantonio 'Revolution Is Back' [Unrills]

Seamlessly mixing the keys of Markantonio and Rino Cerrone's new Unrills cut over the punchy rhythm of 'Turista', Beyer layers grooves over grooves, quickly switching pace with Gary Beck's remix of Pär Grindvik 'Sinister'.

10. Pär Grindvik "Sinister (Gary Beck Remix) [Sinister]

A repetitive and sleazy techno loop, punctuated by massive FX cannons and head banging percussion.

11. Slam 'Stepback' (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck Remix) [Soma]

Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck's highly anticipated remix of Slam's techno classic 'Stepback', takes the original's Stepback! vocal, and layers it over acidic synths and a moody bassline. Soon to be released as part of Soma's 20th anniversary celebrations.

12. Roland M. Dill 'Broadband' (Harvey McKay Remix) [Trapez]

The devastating squelchy techno rhythm of Harvey McKay's version of 'Broadband' ignites the set in its closing stages. The occasional melodic key flourishes, add a touch of class to the bass heavy techno beats.

13. Joseph Capriati 'The Gallery [Drumcode]

Closing out the DCR podcast is Joseph Capriati's forthcoming Drumcode cut 'The Gallery'. Minimal in sound, maximal in effect, its warped patterns of rhythm and concoction of bass bubbles and soaring synths reminds of Audion's 'Mouth To Mouth'. Simply huge.

Listen / download the Drumcode Radio podcast from or


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