Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TRUE1229 - Reset Robot - Go Back EP - Truesoul

Having burst onto the scene with releases for Dubfires Sci+Tec and followed up with releases for 100% Pure, Soma and Alan Fitzpatrick s 8Sided Dice, Reset Robot has quickly become a must-check artist.

The Go Back EP for Truesoul is a four-track release which combines tech-house themes with big room techno aesthetics. Lead cut Go Back has a remarkable intensity which builds and builds throughout. A stuttering kick and pin sharp drums imbibe a stepping funk while tightly looped effects and sweeps sporadically push the track into overdrive and beyond.

9 AD, while smoother than it s predecessor, is no shrinking violet. Fantastically detailed percussion fly across the mix using the full breadth of the stereo image and a hip-shaking bassline does exactly what is needed for the floor. Funky and futuristic, it s a winner all the way.

Undulating funk characterises the next track, Jomo. Littered with clipped, programmed percussion and vocal snippets it s a swinging number that features some unholy sonic tweakery which sound incredible and a big system.

Finally, Tunnels closes proceedings with a slightly more stripped and heads down feel. The bass is subby, the drums are relatively paired down and the sounds are given more space than the rest of the tracks but the energy and dancefloor effectiveness is the same.


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