Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adam Beyer's Cocoon Heroes Mix

It might just be a CD made in techno heaven: Adam Beyer, one of Sweden's most influential techno DJs and producers has done a mix for Ibiza's biggest techno night, Cocoon.

As Sven Väth kicked off another summer of crazy techno parties in Ibiza this week – Cocoon's Amnesia club nights have ruled Monday nights on the island for 12 years now – the German techno lord asked Drumcode boss Beyer to mix the first CD for his Ibiza night's 2011 mix album.

Called Cocoon Heroes (in keeping with Sven's motto for Cocoon Ibiza this year), Adam Beyer's 120-minute live DJ mix features no less than 22 tracks segued effortlessly by the Swedish techno giant. Beyer is due to play at Cocoon Ibiza on July 25th, a set which Cocoon says will be, "One of the true highlights of this season..."

Adam Beyer's Cocoon Heroes mix is a complex mosaic of underground electronic music. The smooth voyage of club sounds moves with lightening pace. Beginning with a lush soundscape from Berlin-based techno experimentalist Function, the mix seamlessly delves into Radio Slave's delicate dub techno mix of Midland 'Bring Joy', its soulfully distorted vocals creating an atmosphere of mystery and melancholy.

Beyer then adds some gritty percussion and beats to the proceedings, via Alex Dolby's mix of Dave Manual 'Theo'. The set soon takes a turn for the wonkier with Emmanuel Top's 'Addiction', and Swedish analogue duo Skudge providing some loopy techno rhythms with their track 'Phantom'.

It's at this point, around the 17-minute mark, that Beyer decides to take the energy to the next level by calling upon the services of his long-serving DJ partner and friend Joel Mull. So far, Beyer's mix had been a carefully staged show of atmosphere, tension, and suspense, with the Drumcode boss deliberately choosing to keep his foot of the gas. Mull's new H-Productions cut 'Gmelina' cuts through that early haze, with some gut-kicking bass and chunky techno rhythms.

The mix then builds in momentum via straight techno shooters from Hermanez and Samuel L Session, whose collaboration with vocalist Paris the Black Fu offers evil acid lines, machine funk, and warped, whispered vocals. Beyer then takes his mix in a completely different direction with The Martinez Brothers' deep house roller 'The Causeway', adding some surprising soul to the package. Santos' 'Senior Scream' brings the mix back to techno.

Beyer then ramps up the energy significantly with Paul Ritch's explosive techno hit 'Common Sense'. The track's hypnotic percussion loop acts like the perfect bridge to the latter half of the mix, which is filled with driving techno shufflers and pumping club tools.

There's a speaker buster from Pascal Mollin, understated funk from Steffen Deux, twitchy vocal blips from Luca Morris, and squelchy acidic techno from Darius Syrossian. By the time Beyer moves into his Drumcode sound with 'Human Reason', his new DC collaboration with Alan Fitzpatrick, and Jesper Dahlbäck's recent single 'You Got Me', the mix positively brims with fluidity, excitement, and raw techno power.

The final act of Adam Beyer's 'Cocoon Heroes' mix sees the Swedish techno pioneer explore darker and more stripped back club sounds, with bleepy loop techno from Ben Klock, radioactive machine growls from Tiger Stripes, and heavy bass-driven beats from Mark Henning.

The mix finishes with the light melodic flutterings of Terence : Terry:'s 'Time Doesn't Count', a suitably serene moment of calm, after the dancefloor storm.

(Words: Terry Church)

Preview / download Adam Beyer's 'Cocoon Heroes' mix from Beatport


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