Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drumcode Radio's One Year Anniversary Show

Last week Adam Beyer celebrated one year of being on the airwaves. The Swedish techno general's weekly Drumcode Radio show now airs in over 40 countries to over nine million people each week. Based upon those statistics, Drumcode Radio is the most listened to pure techno radio show on earth.

For the one year anniversary of Drumcode Radio, Beyer decided to put together a special DJ mix for his listeners. "I wanted to make kind of an understatement, a mix of unknown material of things that I like to listen to when I'm at home or in the car, chilling," he said.

The mix represents the darker, heavier, and minimal side of techno, and gives his fans a chance to discover some of his alternative techno tastes. Beyer devotees will recognise that it is a sound much closer to his Truesoul imprint than his Drumcode label.

Here we guide you through his mix for the 52nd edition of Drumcode Radio, track-by-track. Happy birthday Drumcode Radio!

1. Wandler 'Captivate'

With "weird big synths", a gentle BPM rate, and a Marc Houle 'Bay of Figs' kind of feel, Beyer begins his mix unusually deep with a sizzling synthesizer cut from respected Swiss producer Wandler aka Michael Stutz. The Zurich-based producer and DJ runs the Motoguzzi imprint, and has released on Mike Shannon's Cynosure imprint and Kumquat.

2. Jichael Mackson 'GTI' (Zimbabwe Mix)

Beyer drops down to low-slung tech house with the Zimbabwe Mix of Jichael Mackson's 'GTI'. Taken from Boris Steffen's recent 'Bob's You're Uncle' EP, the groove is funky, minimal, and dubby in texture, with clipped snares and a bassline you feel more than you hear.

3. Maetrik 'Return of the Entity'

As the beats of Maetrik's forthcoming Truesoul track, 'Return of the Entity', emerge out of Jicheal Mackson's 'GTI' groove, Beyer says, "Maetrik has always been one of my favourite producers," and describes his music as "heavy, funky, minimal/dirty techno".

The track certainly fits that bill. On Maetrik's own Facebook page, the Valencia-based producer and DJ (also known as Maceo Plex) described 'Return of the Entity' as "probably my most disgustingly sinister track to date".

4. Barem 'Blue'

As Beyer says during his show, Barem's recent 'Blue' cut has its "drums in all the right places, and spaces in all the right spaces." With subtle tweaks of percussion and bass, and a fluid beat structure, 'Blue' is a clever minimal techno track and typical of Minus.

5. Maetrik 'Astrid Funk'

The B side of Maetrik's forthcoming Truesoul release is a wonky number, complete with clumsy drum rolls, subtle melodies, and weird vocals.

6. Caytas & Patz 'Are U Afraid'

Swedish cousins Alex Caytas and Aleks Patz offer deep twisted techno on their forthcoming single 'Are U Afraid'. Set to a soliloquy of sorts about life and death, the track is slightly ominous, as the beats pound into your feet.

7. Butane & Someone Else 'Dink Touching'

Minimal techno protagonists Butane and Someone Else join forces for a seriously infectious minimal groove on Someone Else's Foundsound label. With a repetitive female snippet, it locks you in tight. If you like this, be sure to check Butane and Someone Else's excellent label, Little Helpers.

8. Loco Dice 'Loose Hooks'

Loco Dice's new Minus cut 'Loose Hooks' (the first Minus release by the Tunisian producer since 2006) is bumping funky minimal techno. With tribal rhythms, and plenty of trademark raw percussion, 'Loose Hooks' swings like Tiger Woods.

9. Federico Molinari 'Party Faktor' (Justin Drake Remix)

British producer Justin Drake, who is one half of Peace Division alongside Clive Henry, works his hypnotic groove into Federico Molinari's single 'Party Faktor'. His 2009 remix is dirty bumping house of the highest quality - repetitive but seriously contagious.

10. Adam Beyer 'No Rain'

Beyer's forthcoming Truesoul single 'No Rain' sees the Swedish DJ explore deliciously twisted tech house. With a soulful female vocal that washes over you like a warm blanket, there are moments when the track sounds like classic house. The vibe is deep, melodic, and quite timeless.

(Words: Terry Church)

To find out which stations in your area are broadcasting Drumcode Radio's one year anniversary show, visit: The show will also be available as a podcast on Thursday 11th August from


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