Monday, September 26, 2011

DC88 - Cari Lekebusch & Joseph Capriati - Missed Flight - Drumcode

‘Missed Flight’ see’s two of Drumcode’s most prominent artists, Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati, team up to deliver a four track EP of essential modern techno.

‘Missed Flight’ the track comes on like the perfect theme to the arrival of autumn. The tones are moody and the groove is linear, penetrating and eerily appointed. A Kubrick-esque breakdown of pulses and space is the only thing that breaks the momentum and adds a deliciously creepy characteristic to proceedings.

‘Napoli 4AM’, balances out its darker tinged predecessor with a shuffling 909 funk and playful groove combination that pairs up with subtly delayed hits deep FM synth work brilliantly.

The release features two digital only cuts that come from Lekebusch alone, ‘Entanglement’ and ‘Rockturner’, and they see the Swedish producers penchant for late night, woozy grooves that encapsulate the listener in varying ways. ‘Entanglement’ does the job with a brooding vibe while ‘Rockturner’ employs a more aggressive mood but both are fine examples of Lekebusch’s ability to create enthralling techno.


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