Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview: Joel Mull's Drumcode Radio guest mix and 'Sensory Remixes'

Longstanding Swedish techno hero Joel Mull, one of Adam Beyer's closest DJ cohorts, has done this week's Drumcode Radio guest mix (listen here).

Mull, who recently released his third album 'Sensory' on Beyer's Truesoul imprint, put together a warm and hypnotic techno mix that includes a couple of the recently released remixes from his album.

This week Truesoul dropped the 'Sensory Remixes' EP, which sees six respected techno producers retouch five of the album's biggest tracks. Minneapolis' Dustin Zahn, Danish DJ Martinez, Dutchman Steve Rachmad and Berlin-based producer Heiko Laux, Swedish-Iranian Aril Brikha, and Sweden's Agaric all contributed to the remix EP.

Here Joel Mull guides us through his Drumcode Radio guest mix and talks more about those 'Sensory Remixes'.

Guide us through your Drumcode Radio guest mix.

I tend to always start my mixes with some sort of intro. This time I used some nice strings which gave a Detroit kind of feel to the track. I actually had the introduction in mind as I know Adam always starts with an introduction. So with the first track being a little deeper it works well in the background and also gets you into a listening mode. 

I wanted the mix to be a reflection of how I would start off a Drumcode night, so I called the mix Truesoul vs Drumcode. The labels go hand in hand and Truesoul is the calmer side to Drumcode. I fit right in.

What DJ set up did you use for the mix?

I mixed this in my studio and I used Traktor and two Traktor Kontrol X1s. I recorded it straight into my computer and Ableton in one take, so it might have some small mistakes but I left it like that.

Why do you prefer this DJ set up above all others?

I've been on Traktor for many years now. I jumped on it when the first system came out with Final Scratch. I have had many incidences of computer failure over the years, but now I feel very comfortable with it and it is a fun set up. It allows me to mix totally differently to how I would mix on a pair of decks.

But I have actually just recently moved over to the new Pioneer CDJ-2000s and I link them together using their new technology. With Pioneer's software Rekordbox I can prepare my sets in a similar way to how I would do it in Traktor.

I also use a Korg Kaos Pad mini and a Cycloop for FXs, so now I don't have to worry about any computer in the DJ booth. It's actually very refreshing and I will continue to play on the CDJ-2000s and use them as my standard set up in the near future.

In terms of current techno, how do you feel the sound was in 2011? Have you noticed any particular trends in sound this year?

I'm not great at spotting trends and I tend to get confused. I absorb a lot of music and try to get inspired as much as I can. To me, everything is either techno or house.

But it definitely feels like a lot of DJs today are playing house rather then techno. I've noticed that the deep house vibe is back too. It's nice to hear more emotional house music out there. 

So who are some of your favourite producers of the moment?

Dustin Zahn is one of the names to watch. I love his style as he has his own hypnotic dark techno groove. I tend to play at least two or three of his tracks in every set.

He made a really nice and dark remix of my 'Krauthouse' track from my album 'Sensory'. Dustin has the skills to make special tracks that always stand out from the pack.

Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux are two of my heroes and also close friends. They similarly did a very special remix of my 'Holographic' track from my album. When they do music together magic really happens. On the remix you can hear that it is a blend of the two of them, and the production on this track is just massive - it sounds incredible on every system that I play it on.

Patrice Baumel is an inspiring producer. He has great knowledge about how to produce music that really works well in a club. He has a deepness to his sound that is very hypnotic, and I like hypnotic music.  

Some others that are catching my attention include Truncate, an American producer who does these amazing stripped-down techno tools, Radioslave, who has always been one of my heroes, and Nicole Moudaber, who has some serious funky techno oozing out of her - it's almost tribal techno. She has her own groove for sure.
My old friend Jesper Dahlbäck has also been on fire lately. His latest Drumcode release 'Interpersonal Relationship' is the kind of techno that I love to play - tripped out, raw and funky with a splash of his own Chicago sound.

Finally, I'm also really digging the DJ Kool Dek stuff and the producer &ME. Both release on Nic Fancuilli's Saved Records, and they come from the funky, raw and warm techno tip.

Truesoul released new remixes of your album 'Sensory' this week. What can you tell us about them?

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I roped in six friends to remix five of the tracks from the album. They all did a fantastic job. It's very dear to me that I can have all of these great artists do remixes for me. I play a lot of their music in my sets and I'm a big fan of their music in general.

Aril Brikha choose the outro track 'Sensory' and did a really nice summery vibe disco cut. Martinez, the Swede who lives in Copenhagen, did a dub edit of my track 'Sunday 2 Sunday'. I really like his style and have played many of his productions over the years.

Agaric a.k.a Patrik Skoog is a longtime fellow DJ and producer from Malmö, who now resides in Berlin. I always liked Patrik's productions from the early techno years, and now his alter ego Agaric does the most amazing kind of crossover techno and trippy house music. His label Weare and his album for Ovum continue to inspire me. He produced a version of my track 'Novelty Theory'.

Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux, as I mentioned earlier, reworked my 'Holographic' track. And Dustin Zahn, who has been on a really cool ride lately, remixed 'Krauthouse'. 

Listen to Joel Mull's Drumcode Radio guest mix

Listen / download Joel Mull 'Sensory Remixes' from Beatport


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