Monday, November 28, 2011

Drumcode Heroes guest mix: Sven Väth

Adam Beyer first saw Sven Väth DJ in 1993. His story, told at the beginning of this week's Drumcode Radio show, is typically glowing.

"I remember seeing Sven play... in Berlin after Love Parade at a club called Huxleys. I went there with my friend as a raver, and we travelled down from Sweden just to go to this amazing party. He completely blew my mind," says the Drumcode boss.

As one of the few true living legends of techno, Sven Väth was the perfect choice to kick off the new Drumcode Heroes guest mix series. The boss of Cocoon has lived and breathed techno since the very beginning and is loved worldwide for his wild sets and unique showmanship. Beyer counts Sven as one of his biggest influencers.

Now it's not easy to understand what makes Sven Väth so special from an hour long guest mix. We know that to truly appreciate Sven, you have to see him play live and witness his intense connection with a party and a crowd.

But his Drumcode Heroes mix does however contain some classic Sven moments. Beginning with Gummihz' Balearic-sounding cut 'Secret Voyage', and moving into Sven Tasnadi's deep techno groove 'Caracho', there are hints of both Ibiza and esoteric trance. Sven recently celebrated his 12th Cocoon season on the island, and many moons ago, he was known as a pioneer of the deep, hypnotic, and euphoric grooves that form the roots of today's trance sound.

Sven's journey continues with regular shifts up and down in gear in keeping with his usual long and dynamic DJ sets. From big techno hits like Butch's 'Rawhide' and Boys Noize's 'Adonis', to plot thickening detours from Âme and Levon Vincent, and a typical Sven bass-driven techno monster from Dense & Pika, the mix session has Cocoon written all over it.

Of course, Sven Väth is always so much more than just a tracklist. The source of the German DJ's notoriety, the weird sideshows, the behind-the-decks drama, the laughter and the techno joy that he creates can not be seen through a radio show, but this excellent first Drumcode Heroes mix does hint at an uncivilised techno party that could have been.

(Words: Terry Church)

Listen to Sven Väth's Drumcode Heroes guest mix here.

Gummihz 'Secret Voyage'

Sven Tasnadi 'Caracho'

Butch 'Rawhide'

Adam Port '86'

Scotch Your Mind 'Alli Borem'

Osunlade 'Envision' (Ame Remix)

Dense & Pika 'Vomee'

Levon Vincent 'Man Or Mistress'

Argy 'The Difference'

Boys Noize 'Adonis'

Sven Tasnadi & Juno 6 'Mr. Ray'


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