Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Adam Beyer 'No Rain' [Truesoul]

An Adam Beyer release on Truesoul is always a bit special. The sister label of Drumcode is known for its melodic and more laid back approach to techno, but even by the label's groovy standards, Beyer's latest single 'No Rain' is unusually emotional.

Built around a soulful male (or is that female?) vocal, the track could almost be classic New York house if it wasn't for the deep synthesizer bleeps and nominal techno rhythms that prod the track along cautiously. The cut is probably Beyer's most spiritual record since 2009's Joel Mull collaboration 'Forming Dies'. It is also his slowest offering in quite a while, clocking in at a housey 125 BPM.

Two of the track's remixers, Joel Mull and Radio Slave, use the opportunity to wrought their own form of dancefloor beauty. Working in a layer of quietly soulful keys, Mull's version is bittersweet afterparty techno, and perfect for those sublime moments of breath in between a heads-down sweat session.

Radio Slave, who quite often plays with vocal-driven reductionist techno (remember 2006's Deer In The Headlights?), works in his usual brand of heavy kick drums and loopy percussion, to balance the track in between a hynoptic dream-like state and a smoky warehouse rave.

That only leaves Sweden's great sound explorer Jesper Dahlb├Ąck to take 'No Rain' in a completely new direction, by deconstructing the track's main heart and sucking out the vocal's soul, to replace it with his own form of machine funk. With an emphasis on raw beats and percussion loops, Dahlb├Ąck's version is typically analogue and gritty.

Yep, an Adam Beyer vocal record doesn't come along too often, but it is always worth the wait.

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