Thursday, December 15, 2011

Drumcode artists name their favourite Drumcode classics

This year we celebrated 15 years of Drumcode with a series of parties across Europe, and a big compilation of brand new music produced by our label friends and longtime cohorts.

With 28 unreleased tracks, our '15 Years of Drumcode' compilation was more about celebrating the present than the past. However we're still proud of our roots, so we've asked some Drumcode producers to name their favourite ever tracks from the label, as a way to remember some of the label's music.

Here Gary Beck, Nihad Tule, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Capriati, Joel Mull, and Kaiserdisco name their favourite ever Drumcode tracks.

Gary Beck: Hardcell 'Ground Effect' [Drumcode 27]

This track reminds me of going crazy in the Arches in Glasgow when I was just getting into the scene. Solid techno the way it should be!

Nihad Tule: Gaetano Parisio '19 - 99' [Drumcode 19]

Even though my love for techno was already strong back then, Drumcode EPs from this era, as well as Gaetano Parisio and Marco Carola's productions, were hugely influential for me. This EP in a lot of ways captures all of that, and made me into a true die hard fan.

Alan Fitzpatrick: Patrik Skoog 'Jack Is Back' [Drumcode 39]

Wow, I have so many favourites from the label. I have been a huge fan of it, and have followed it for many years. But if I had to pick one track that I keep coming back to, it would be Patrik Skoog's 'Jack Is Back'. 

I love this track. It captures the sound of Drumcode so well, and it is still fresh now, and sounds amazing. I never get tired of hearing it.

Joseph Capriati: Marco Carola & Adam Beyer 'Drumcode 13' [Drumcode 13]

I think this is my favourite Drumcode release, as it is one of the first Drumcode records that I heard and one of the records that I danced to a lot at the beginning of my introduction to techno. So it's something very special that I will remember forever.

Joel Mull: Joey Beltram 'Striking Distance' [Drumcode 50]

First I have to mention that I think it's very hard to choose one track from the whole Drumcode catalog. But if I had to choose one from all of them, it would be 'Striking Distance'.

This track has taken me on a journey countless times. I'm just totally in love with the moodiness of the melody, and the production is ultra-super good! Out of all of the Drumcode releases, this is the one that I have probably played the most.

Kaiserdisco: Adam Beyer 'Remainings III' [Drumcode 20.5]

'Remainings III' is one of our favorite ever Drumcode tracks. It's one of those tracks that got us mad on the dancefloor in the early days! Now it's a bit fast but still a classic tune! Also the new remixes are still great but they don't top the original!


  1. In my humble opinion - best old release was DC15A/HP1215A A. Beyer & C. Lekebusch Split EP which I absolutely hammered for about 5 years. Best new release is Ida Engberg's Junoverse which gets every room I play rocking.