Monday, January 16, 2012

DC89 - Sam Paganini - Prisma EP

For their first release of 2012, Drumcode break new ground with a debut from Italian producer, Sam Paganini. A veteran of electronic music with a discography that stretches back to 1993, Paganini has achieved notoriety over the last fifteen years with Paganini’s latest output catching the ears of techno tastemakers Richie Hawtin, who released Sam’s Cobra EP on Plus 8, and Adam Beyer who has signed this EP for Drumcode.

The Prisma EP is a pure reflection of Paganini’s musical heritage. A talented drummer who has spent much of the last decade employing his skills to provide the back beat for rock bands, it will be no shock to hear the strong percussive elements that run throughout the EP and make for the construction of a recognizable Drumcode sound. Maybe less obvious, but signposted by the title of lead track, ‘Prisma', is the inspiration Paganini takes from Pink Floyd in creating the dark-toned, brooding atmospherics that give the EP its defining sonic spirit.



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