Monday, February 13, 2012

DC90 - Kaiserdisco - La Patagonia EP - Drumcode

With a discography made up of labels as wide ranging as 100% Pure, Global Underground and Drumcode it is tempting to describe Kaiserdisco as musical chameleons. Indefinitely adaptable, highly developed deliverers of exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. This definition is certainly apt when it comes to the duos output for Drumcode; such is the niche that Kaiserdisco have carved out for themselves via their previous tracks for the label. Even a eye-opening switch up in the toughness of their beats on La Patagonia EP didn’t stop Adam Beyer from immediately falling for this latest double-barrel blast of pacey techno funk.

An overwhelmingly positive time spent touring Argentina and Chile was the inspiration for the title of Kaiserdisco’s latest two-tracker for Drumcode and with a little imagination it is not hard to hear where the South American vibes seep into the tracks to give them their distinct flavour. La Boca brings a rolling hypo-funk with a stuttering riff and jazzy keys managing to remain mischievous and driving at the same time while Aymara heads a little deep, drawing out an underlying dark tribalism via multi layered percussion and enchanting Shamanic sub-bass.