Monday, March 5, 2012

DC91 - Alan Fitzpatrick - Life Through Different Eyes

Today sees the release of Alan Fitzpatrick's "Life Through Different Eyes" EP for Drumcode. You can find information on the release,  tracklist and audio previews below.

2011 was the year Alan Fitzpatrick completed the transition to become a globally recognized talent. Having enjoyed a rapid ascent through the ranks since emerging as the new kid on the block in the latter half of 2008, Fitzpatrick now commands a status as a highly respected and in-demand producer. His consistent output of high quality releases for Drumcode, including 2011’s ‘Human Reason’ collaboration with Adam Beyer, hit the mark with DJs across the techno spectrum; leaving observers with no doubt as to Fitzpatrick’s credentials as one of the leading techno artists of the moment.

Alan Fitzpatrick’s latest EP is the product of a particularly productive six months of studio time for the Drumcode regular. Containing five tracks that cover a circular range from pre-party ambiance to tripped-out melodic odyssey; vocal laced, chord driven hooks; barnstorming peak-time hammers; and 123bm afterparty grooves; there is more than the ‘usual’ Drumcode fare on offer within the aptly named ‘Life Through Different Eyes’ EP. A significant release for artist and label; the sonic incarnation of Fitzpatrick’s growing maturity as a producer and an indication as to the next evolution of the Drumcode sound.


01. Mohawk
02. Always Something For Nothing
03. Up All Night (Don’t Go)
04. Prometheus
05. Life Through Different Eyes


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