Monday, March 26, 2012

DC92 - Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati - Congenial Endeavor

With dance music as we know it approaching the landmark anniversary of 25 years at the forefront of popular culture, it is hard to imagine a period within that quarter of a century when the scene has been less collaborative than it is now. Any wannabe artist with enough money to afford a powerful computer, good monitors and an acoustically sound studio space can be writer, producer and engineer all rolled into one. Equally, it is increasingly common for record label owners to not only do their own marketing and promotion but also design the artwork and even distribute the final product. It is then perhaps unsurprising that a brand as established as Drumcode, with its deep heritage and history within techno, is actively encouraging a spirit of collaboration amongst it’s artists by bringing together the sum of their creative parts to produce a greater whole. The latest expression of which is this three-track EP by Drumcode founder, Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati, one of the most exciting talents within the labels production vanguard. 

From being label mates on Drumcode to becoming studio partners was only a matter of time for Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati. That time finally came when they found themselves with some downtime in Stockholm following the Drumcode Christmas party. Having shared the DJ booth on many occasions, often playing back-2-back sessions, the pair has proven the musical connection between them is a potent one. Title track, Congenial Endeavor sums up this bond, not just in meaning but also by the resolute yet emotive styling of the content, which treads a line between the playful melodies, and primal rhythms that characterize the music of both producers. Rubicon operates within a similar ballpark, delivering hard for those seeking bombastic techno while also making room for a little cerebral depth via the intricately structured atmospherics. Family Matters provides an alternative angle; slowing the BPM’s, working up a warm, hypnotic bassline and teasing out strings to create a low-slung groover that oozes late-night wonkiness.


01. Congenial Endeavor   
02. Rubicon           
03. Family Matters

The release is available now from Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below.

DC92 Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati - Congenial Endeavor by Drumcode


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