Monday, April 30, 2012

TRUE1237 - Joel Mull - Running - Truesoul

Having released his 'Sensory' long-player on Truesoul in February 2011, Joel Mull returns to the label he considers his spiritual home for his first original production of this year. Often described as 'The Techno Soul of Sweden' thanks to his predilection for fusing emotive atmospherics and erudite ambiance with the kind of purposeful beats Techno has come to expect from Stockholm's long line of trailblazers; Mull's reputation as a 'producers producer' is well documented. Naturally, those who were seduced by the contrasting emotional highs and lows that defined 'Sensory' will find plenty to enjoy within this rich and balanced two-track EP.

Lead track, 'Running', is a carefully crafted example of Joel Mull's deeper side. Unrushed, deeply groovy and enchanting; harmonic tones ping pong beneath a distinctive vocal lament and bumping tech groove. This is just the kind of track that has made Mull a firm favorite with Panorama Bar's Sunday night long-haulers. 'Track From The Past' subtly picks up the tempo but retains a slow-burning depth and tripped out 'messiness' that flow so naturally from Joel Mull productions. Hypnotic and driving, swirling melodic loops twist and distort into acid-tweaked hooks dotted above lively, muscular grooves of perpetual, upbeat, forward motions.


01. Running
02. Track From The Past

The release is available now from Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below.