Monday, May 28, 2012

DC94 - Slam - Vespula - Drumcode

The latest outing from Drumcode sees regular contributors, Slam back with a bang. Now on their sixth release for the label in a little over two years, the renowned duo have been instrumental in helping to shape what Drumcode is about in 2012. While there can be no doubt over the popularity of combining two names that have been at the forefront of techno since the early 90’s, a closer look at the shared values between Drumcode and Slam shows a common thread that is at the heart of what has cemented the connection between the two. Whether it is the unwavering commitment to the techno genre, the consistently dynamic and purposeful dancefloor output or the statesmanlike, altruistic approach to their craft, the bombastic results of the partnership speak for themselves.  

Presented as a three-track EP, Slam’s latest body of work for Drumcode covers a range of styles, drawing on their vast experience of the multi-colored nature of techno. Vespula, with its resolute groove and low, humming bass works the speakers hardest, while synth stabs, dramatic drawn out chords and a distinctive two-tone hook add contrast. Resume puts musicality to the fore by creating a melodic ride that flows from an undulating bass line and a soaring synth line whilst retaining a strong percussive energy. Metus beats out a slow burning but impactful groove that swings between an intricate, multi-layered arrangement of wigged out atmospherics and industrial clunks and clanks


01. Vespula        
02. Resume        
03. Metus

The release is available now from Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below.


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