Monday, June 18, 2012

DC95 - Jay Lumen & Gary Beck - Lotus - Drumcode

Studio collaborations have always been the stuff of intrigue. Who dominates the mixing desk? Who brings what to the partnership? Can you hear each producer’s style within the shared work? Often there is a detailed and dramatic story of fate and opportunity colliding to answer these questions. Sometimes it is as simple as a shared admiration and the wonders of the Internet that allow the formation of a new creative force. This is the case with Jay Lumen and Gary Beck. Both long time admires of the others work, this first collaboration began with a flurry of file sharing and resulted in the conception of firstly ‘Strange Fruit’, which immediately caught Adam Beyer’s ear. Soon after came a-side ‘Lotus’ to complete the package and just like that this eye-raising release was born.

As is to be expected from two producers who are well respected for creating a varied style, this collaborative EP from Jay Lumen & Gary Beck contains two tracks that show the ever-broadening scope of the Drumcode catalogue. ‘Lotus’ remains truest to the core Drumcode values of dance floor functionality with a mechanical, slow-burning groove steadily working up to a huge cavernous peak with sweeping melodic echoes and drawn out chords. ‘Strange Fruit’ flips the mood entirely to create a more ‘open air’ summertime vibe with a swinging percussive tech house aesthetic animated further by dynamic arrangement and driven along by an undeniably infectious bouncing groove.

01. Lotus
02. Strange Fruit

The release is available now from Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below.


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