Thursday, July 5, 2012

DCR100 - Drumcode Radio - Adam Beyer Studio Mix

This week we celebrate the 100th edition of Drumcode Radio with a special edition show, split in two, with the first part being a retrospective look at some of the key releases from our core artists such as The Advent & Industrialyzer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joey Beltram, Tiger Stripes, Kaiserdisco and Flavio Diaz, Joseph Capriati, Joel Mull and Jerome Sydenham while the second part of the show takes a look into the future release schedule including new music from Nicole Moudaber & Victor Calderone, Ben Sims, Bart Skils and a preview of two tracks from Adam Beyer's forthcoming artist album. 

The full tracklisting is available from
You can subscribe to the podcast via the Drumcode website

Stream the mix via Mixcloud
Or download the current and past episodes via Soundclound


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