Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DC102 - Alan Fitzpatrick - Skeksis - Drumcode

There can be little doubt as to the influence Alan Fitzpatrick has had on the current Drumcode sound. A consistent provider of musically inventive techno that takes its inspiration from a wide palette of influences; Fitzpatrick tracks are immediately recognizable for their refusal to conform to the norm. This latest release, the subject of much hype and anticipation, is no different. Lead track, ʻSkeksisʼ conjures up an unlikely fusion of a pumped-up dub techno groove and a 90ʼs Trance vocal to create a slow- burning, emotive bomb, while ʻFor An Endless Nightʼ rolls out a steady driving rhythm that provides the backdrop for a distinctive chiming melody to sweep in and take over.


01. Skeksis
02. For An Endless Night

The release is available now from Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below. 


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