Monday, December 17, 2012

DC104 - Bart Skils - Brave New World EP - Drumcode

Bart’s EP kicks off with ‘Brave New World’, which uses pitch curved synth lines to create a unique groove before opening up the filter to be released back into the track. ‘Hypnotizing’ uses a percussion line that evolves into a melodic section within the breakdown that is supported by a catchy vocal line. ‘New Ground’ uses a trippy bleeps and a rolling drum beat to create a lively record. ‘Cabana’ is a little different to the rest of the EP and offers a distinctive set-builder. Using a rising and diving synth line that is guaranteed to get people on the dancefloor.


01. Brave New World
02. Hypnotizing
03. New Ground
04. Cabana

The release is now available on Beatport. You can listen to the preview samples via the Soundcloud player below.


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