Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DC109 - Roberto Capuano – Vertigo – Drumcode

‘Vertigo’ is the A side on this four track EP by Roberto Capuano that uses reverberated kick drum’s and piano chords to create a groove that was designed for peak-time play. The second track, ‘Inversion’ uses rising and filtering synths with the use of space and influxes of pitched hi hats and percussion loops to create a 5am track that will keep people rooted to their spot. ‘New Chapter’ uses a repetitive percussion-like stab to keep the deep atmospheric sounds together over the industrial techno drums.The final track ‘Earth’ uses phased sporadic stabs to create an interesting groove that compliments the driving drums that are ever present. 

1. DC109 - Roberto Capuano – Vertigo – Drumcode
2. DC109 - Roberto Capuano – Inversion – Drumcode
3. DC109 - Roberto Capuano – New Chapter – Drumcode
4. DC109 - Roberto Capuano – Earth - Drumcode

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